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Variable Color Solutions


As a company, we’ve spent years mastering color and sensory technology.  Now, you can use our tried and true technology to help brands like yours make big waves in the color industry, worldwide.


Industries We Serve:


• Paint & Coatings

• Quality Assurance

• Sales & Marketing

• Interior Design



Why Variable?



As a color professional, you know that color affects everything and the landscape of color tools is shifting, fast. Color accuracy and trends shape customer experience and industry standards, and in an age of accessibility, time is of the essence. Variable is the solution for tools that launch your brand into a new spectrum where color can be accurately recognized, matched, and stored digitally.


With Variable Color Solutions, You Can:


• Use state-of-the-art color matching device to scan and match colors quickly and accurately

• Create branded color-matching systems for your business

• Leverage color data to drive sales

• Drive traffic to ecommerce sites from product libraries

• Gain brand recognition in an ever-expanding product database



Getting Started



Create Account: your account using the Variable Connect app, or through our web portal at


Import Products:  Import your products and product details in our web portal at by manual entry or using a CSV.


Digitize Color Palettes:  Use the Variable Color app and your Color Muse® scanner to digitize products and brand color palettes.


Match Colors: Match any scanned color to your unique products and color library stored in Variable Cloud.


Manage Your Assets: Use your Variable Cloud account to manage your color library, products, and QR code access.

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