5 Things You'll Love About Our Color Matching Tool

When we set out to make our color matching tool, we knew that it would need to be as nice to look at as it is to use. Our design nailed it. But that's not the only great thing you'll love about our color matching tool! We've packed it with tons of great features. Here are five of the features we think you'll love from the moment you first use the Color Muse. 

Check Out These Five Features

It's super compact. 

The color muse measures just 1.08" wide and 2.17" tall, making it super compact. You'll be able to toss the Color Muse into your bag or backpack and take it with you anywhere you want to match paint colors or find the perfect accessories. It's great to keep on your desk, too, so you have it when you need it without cluttering up your workspace.

It's as tough as it is beautiful.

Housed in a durable aluminum shell, the Color Muse is made to withstand the occasional bumps and drops without being damaged. It comes with a protective calibration cap, too, so you don't have to worry about it getting damaged when it's rolling around in your backpack. We wanted to make sure you'd have your Color Muse for years to come!

It works flawlessly with the app.

We created the Color Muse to work with the app naturally. You won't have to spend hours getting the two to connect and work together; it just happens. The app will show you items in your scanned color, whether you are looking for paint, shoes, purses, dresses, home decor, or anything else in that perfect shade. The app puts it all right there for you to see. You'll have your perfect items picked out in no time!

Indicator lights tell you it's working.

There is no guess work involved with the Color Muse. You'll know it's working thanks to the indicator light on top of the Color Muse. The bright LED let's you know that your color matching tool is hard at work and will have your results for you in no time. 

It wakes up with the press of a button.

To get started, you'll simply wake up the Color Muse by pressing the wake-up button near the indicator light. This button allows the Color Muse to go into a hibernation state when not in use to preserve battery, but still wake up right away when you need it. There is no long start-up process, either. Simply hit the wake-up button and you'll be ready to go.

These aren't all the great features of the Color Muse! You'll have to discover the rest of them yourself. Place an order for our color matching tool on our website. It's an affordable, compact, easy-to-use and beautifully designed tool that you'll love having around. You'll find a million different uses for the Color Muse at work, at home, and when out and about with your friends. Get yours today by placing an order through our website.