Color & Location


One of the tried and true methods for creating a great looking color scheme is to match the landscaping and the color genetics of the surrounding area. if you are looking to match a specific color, you need a color matching tool that you can rely on: ColorMuse. When it comes to interior design, you may have a favorite vacation spot you’d like your home to remind you of. Local themes have their own color DNA, and designing with a specific vision in mind can bring a sense of home to your decor. Here are some tips about properly coloring for location.


Your Paint

You can imbue your coloring with a flourish from the outdoors with a little bit of paint. You can start with some of the more attractive green hues - such as emerald, lime or olive – to capture the grandeur feel of a location. You do not have to have a full wall in order to pull this off; a rear cabinet wall with a few shades can create a great look to work off of.


Playing Off the Wall

You can use the wall motif as the basis for your entire room landscape. For instance, continue with the garden theme with throw pillow floral prints, leafy plants in vases on your tabletop, prints that match the print or framed in the background. You can even match the flowers that you paint to the live flowers that you use for an incredible look.


Rugs of Richness

The rug that you choose for a room can add a chic stylishness that can also match the outdoor environment. Modern rugs are a cost-effective accessory that lends a contemporary style to every home, and you will always be able to find a great size, shape, texture and color for your motif if you spend a little bit of time looking.

If you do not want to decorate your walls as described above, you can give yourself another primary point of entry with a throw rug. Many modern designers employ this concept. Although you may not be able to afford handmade natural silk and wool, you can create a great look with an avant-garde rug from a local artisan or by finding a low-cost handcrafter online.

Matching Local Schemes

The natural design elements of your location matched with your home will combine to create a relaxing experience for your residence. Let's take a look at some examples of matching interior decor to a location and the kinds of emotional effects those choices have:

  • Ocean blue – If you are fortunate enough to live on a coastline or by a large body of water, then you may choose a blue or earthy tone for your interior design. If you choose earth tones such as wheat or stone, you can create an even richer look if you combine them with muddy, dirty olive or mustard colors that contain brown or gray.

  • The Southwest – Turquoise is an incredible choice for your interior motif for this part of the United States. You will get some incredible effects during sunrise and sunset that will truly inspire you every morning and every night. Try interspersing your turquoise with a few strands of bright, exciting colors like dark red and yellow to match the majesty of nature in the region.

  • Snowcaps – If you live in a mountainous area or certain parts of New England and you see a great deal of snow in the winter time, you have the opportunity to indulge in a very urban, greedy sort of decor that lends a sense of gravitas to your home. The New York city landscape is a very popular motif for a back wall, and you can adorn the rest of your rooms with color schemes centered around black and white with the occasional surprising accent piece.

Interior Design Help

If you want to make a change in your home, check out our color matching tool: ColorMuse! Shop now to find yours.