Color Muse And Its Uses

The Color Muse Opens a World of Colors

How often do you stop and think about color? If you’re anything like the average person, the answer is probably not very often. Sure, seeing something that has an attractive color is nice, but very rarely does color cross many people’s minds. We see literally thousands of colors a day and all of that input can leave us a desensitized to color in general. With the Color muse color matching tool, we want to help people take back the excitement and joy that colors can bring. In today’s post, we are going to go over some of the ways that Color Muse can help bring color back into focus in your life.

Use Color Muse to Match the Colors in Your Bedroom

The bedroom, for most people, is like an oasis. It’s one of the few places where we can really let our guard down and relax. As a result, many people want their bedrooms to reflect their interests and personality. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is to infuse your bedroom with your favorite colors and with the Color Muse color matching tool this goal has never been easier to reach. To make your bedroom more personalized, we suggest you start with one of your favorite objects. Perhaps you have a pillow that is a shade of orange you absolutely love, or a blanket that is the perfect combination of blue and green and you want to be able to be able to match these colors as closely as possible. Traditionally, you would have to drag the object to the hardware store and hope that you could find a color swatch that was a close match to whatever color the object is. With Color Muse, this hassle is a thing of the past. Simply scan the object with the Color Muse and instantly have the exact color, and color information, saved to your phone.

Use Color Muse to Match Your Clothes

For millions of Americans, worrying about what to wear in the morning is a real concern. Trying to find that perfect outfit that not only looks good, but matches, can be a time-consuming venture. Occasionally, we sometimes struggle with matching even the most basic of colors and sometimes make a fashion faux pas that we don’t quite realize until we get home and reexamine ourselves in the mirror. With the Color Muse, trying to figure out which colors go together is as easy as taking a photo on your phone. Simply place the Color Muse color matching tool onto any piece of clothing you own and scan it. Not only will Color Muse tell you the color of the article of clothing, it will show you which colors compliment it. Additionally, our mobile app is integrated with known fashion brands and can make recommendations on which of their clothes would go with the clothes that you already have. With Color Muse color matching tool, you’ll never have to worry about whether or not your clothes match again.

Join us again next time as we continue to go over the myriad uses that the Color Muse color matching tool offers. Our minimal and smart design means that you can take Color Muse with you anytime, anywhere, and the rechargeable battery allows for 3,000 scans before it needs to be recharged. Additionally, Color Muse will not only save your scanned colors to your phone but will also display color format information such as CIELab, LCH, HEX, sRGB, and more. Visit our site today and see how Color Muse can help make color a focus in your life.