Furniture, bedding, flooring, wall colors - where do you start designing?


You have many different options when it comes to decorating a room – do you start with a color palette, a favorite piece of bedding or just wing it? Taking the time to discover the style you like and determine which color schemes really appeal to you makes it easy to pull a cohesive design together for any room.

Collect What You Love

Whether you use a Pinterest board, scrapbook or traditional cork board, spend a few days or weeks collecting images of rooms and spaces you love. Tear pictures from magazines, print them out and take snips of fabrics you are considering and add them to your boards. Over time, you’ll start to see some clear trends emerging. You might find:

  • You’ve pinned 25 pictures of white beds with shabby chic style bedding.

  • Almost everything you’ve pinned has red accents.

  • Every item you’ve added features bold, contemporary graphics – or French Country chickens, or chevron stripes.

As you collect inspirational images that really speak to you, you’ll see some clear trends emerging in both the styles you like and the color palettes that resonate most.

Start with an Inspirational Piece

Find a piece of fabric or another item you love – it could be a garment, fabric yardage or even a rug or throw pillow. Every single one of these objects has been created by a team of designers; you may not be ready to hire a professional decorator, but choosing a color palette from an existing piece means that color selection has already been done by a pro. It’s fast and easy to pick out individual colors and get a color scheme for your room, lifted directly from a piece you love.

What are you “Stuck” With?

Your budget will determine how many changes you can make. Painting is inexpensive, and you can add colorful punches to liven up a room with accessories – but some room features may not be as easily adjusted. Your current flooring will play a role in the finished room; if you love what you have, then you can simply incorporate some accent or area rugs as needed – but what if your floor is terrible?

While you can rip it out and start again, this will add a significant cost to your budget. You may decide to live with a less-than-stellar floor choice and do your best to incorporate it into your finished design. You may need to incorporate misplaced or odd sized windows, odd built-in features and dated brick or stonework into your design. If you can’t replace it or hide it with paint, choose furnishings and accessories that lessen the impact of any undesirable and too-costly-to-change features.

Pull it Together with Paint

Painting is not only the cheapest way to give your space a fresh new look, your painted walls can become the perfect backdrop to your other pieces. Choose a paint color by selecting a favorite hue from a piece of fabric or even your furniture. Once you’ve identified a color palette, adding your main hue to your walls and trim sets the mood for the whole room. Make sure you use a color matching tool to make the paint color precise.

Finishing Touches

Gathering accessories that match both the color and style of your room allows you to fully personalize the space and add color and interest. From artwork to tabletop accessories, the finishing touches you choose will have a big impact on the final look of your space.

Ready to get started? Your color palette is just a few clicks away! Variable makes it easy to instantly grab colors from your favorite inspirational objects. Once you have a color palette, the rest of the pieces begin to fall into place. Contact us to learn more about our color matching tool and how easy it is to grab colorful inspiration from any surface. Be sure to shop for your COLOR MUSE tool today!