How A Color Matching Tool Helps Make Your Wedding Day Even Better

One of the hottest trends in weddings right now has to do with the bridesmaid dresses. Traditionally, the dresses worn by the bridal party were all exactly alike. Same material, same style, and same color. Today's brides are throwing some of those traditional rules out the window and opting instead for bridesmaid dresses in the same color but different materials and styles. There are a lot of great benefits to this trend:

  • Bridesmaids can set their own budget for their dress. When they are picking their own dress, bridesmaids can determine what budget is right for them. If one bridesmaid want to spend a lot on a dress, she can. If another is on a tighter budget, she's only constrained by the color.
  • Bridesmaids can wear something they love and can wear again. Most bridesmaid dresses can't be worn after the big day. But when bridesmaids choose their own dresses, they'll be able to pick something that they feel comfortable wearing and are more likely to wear again on another special occasion.
  • It takes the pressure off of the bride. When you give your bridesmaids a color and tell them to go for it, the bride doesn't have to find a dress that will work for every woman in her bridal party or have to compromise on budget (or end up paying for everyone's dresses!).

So how do you pull this off for your own wedding? It all starts with a color matching tool.

How to Make This Bridesmaid Trend Work

To make this very stylish wedding trend work, the only thing the bride will need to do is pick the color of the dress. Take some time and go through some bridal magazines or websites for color ideas. Think about what you want your wedding day photos to look like and what colors best express your personality and style. Once you've found the right color, get out your color matching tool.

The Color Muse can match colors that you find in magazines or even from dresses that you see in the store. It then communicates with the app on your tablet or smartphone and can bring up dresses and accessories in the perfect shade. Want everyone in a beautiful blush? Put the Color Muse on your perfect shade and we'll show you dresses from top retailers that match your color. Make a day of it with your bridesmaids and you can all shop together from the app, finding the dresses that are the perfect shade for your big day.

Order the Color Matching Tool Today

Bridesmaid dresses aren't the only thing you'll use the Color Muse for while planning your wedding! Discover the perfect shoes for your wedding dress or pull colors from a beautiful bouquet of flowers to create the perfect color pallet. You'll be surprised at how much you can do and how quickly you can get it done when you are working with the color muse! Place an order for one today and make planning your wedding a breeze.