How to Choose the Right Color for Baby's Room

If you are expecting a baby in 2017, it's time to start planning the nursery! The nursery is where you'll be spending a lot of time with your little one, giving them a safe and comfortable place to sleep, have a cuddle, and start to explore the big new world around them. You'll want the nursery to be just right. That starts by selecting the perfect color pallet. So what colors do you choose? Our paint color matching tool can help you find the right color to create the nursery of your dreams.

The Best Colors for Baby's Room

Colors can set a mood for a room. Softer, cooler colors can be more soothing, while brighter, warmer colors can stimulate the senses. It's good to keep this in mind when decorating baby's room. Because you want baby's room to be a comforting, calm place to be, you may want to choose softer colors. 

These colors are perfect neutrals to begin your color pallet:

  • Soft gray. Gray is a wonderful neutral color because it's warmer than plain white and can be combined with anything. Gray and yellow is a perfect neutral combination if you don't want to find out the gender of your baby before you decorate. Gray looks just as good with teal, orange, and pink, too. 
  • Navy. Navy is a color that can look just as masculine as it does feminine, so it's perfect for the nursery and can be used as a neutral color. You can start with a navy base and add accessories based on baby's gender later on. Navy can look especially striking when combined with stripes.
  • Taupe. Taupe is one of the most popular house paint colors this year, and it can be a lovely color in baby's room. It's warm and sophisticated. Like the other options on this list, it's easy to combine with coordinating colors to create a color pallet that's unique and soothing. 

Once you've chosen a soothing neutral base color, it's time to pick accent colors. Don't worry about gender if you don't want to; today's nurseries use blue for girl and pink for boys effectively. It's more a matter of personal preference and the kind of environment you want to create for your child. Here are a few tips to help you pick a beautiful color pallet: 

  • Pick your secondary color based on the feel you want to give the room. Reds are energizing, yellows are happy, blues are soothing. 
  • Pick the final color of your color pallet by choosing a complementary color. That's the color opposite of your secondary color on the color wheel. So, for instance, if you choose a red to go with your navy, accenting it in green can be a striking combination. If you choose a yellow to go with your gray, purple or blue is a great accent color. 

At the end of the day, though, you don't have to follow any rules that you don't want to follow. Look online and in magazines for inspiration. When you find it, use our paint color matching tool to help you find the right paint in your favorite brand as well as accessories and bedding to decorate the room. You'll have a beautiful nursery set up in no time and be ready to welcome baby into their little corner of the world.