How to Get the Right Paint Color From the Right Paint Brand

Paint color matching doesn't have to be hard! Our color matching tool can help you get the paint color that you love in the brand you want to use, giving you the quality and color that you want for your walls. Learn more about finding the perfect paint and the perfect paint color with our paint color matching tool!

How to Find the Right Paint Brand

Not all paint brands are equal. If you've painted more than a few rooms in your time, you know this. Chances are good that you've created a strong bond to a particular paint brand and are reluctant to use anything else. A good paint should:

  • Create minimal splash-back when you are rolling it onto a wall.
  • Offer complete coverage of old paint colors and stains.
  • Be easy to wipe off in case it gets dirty (especially important in busy and active households!).
  • Come in a variety of finishes and colors so you get exactly what you want.

It might take some time and experimentation to discover which paint brand is the best for your needs. If you aren't sure where to start, talk to the team at your local home building supply store. They'll be able to give you a recommendation based on what you are painting and what their own customer base seems to prefer.

How to Find the Right Color in Your Favorite Brand

Once you've discovered a paint brand that you like to work with, you'll be reluctant to use anything else because you know that the brand you like is going to get the job done right. The downside to this comes when you find a must-have color in another brand. Do you sacrifice quality of paint for the right color? Or do you settle for a color that's second-best? Fortunately, with the best paint color matching tool, you don't have to do either.

If you've found the right paint color while flipping through a magazine or in the paint chips of a different brand, simply get out a color matching tool like this one. Our color matching tool comes with access to our app that will give you the names of different paint colors that closely match the color that you love. You'll be able to find the closest match to your new favorite paint color and pick it up in your favorite brand. If your brand doesn't carry a paint color that's a close enough match, take it to your local big box home building supply store and see if they can do a paint color matching service for you and custom blend your paint color.

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Don't struggle to find the right paint color! Our color matching tool makes it easy and fun to find the right paint colors in your favorite paint brands. You'll be able to match colors that you see in magazines, on other people's walls, or even from your bedding or other textiles. Place an order for our affordable color matching tool in our online store today!