How to Plan Your Wedding Colors

When it comes to weddings, many people ask the happy couple a series of questions: When will the wedding be? Do you have your dress yet? What are your wedding colors? People tend to care about the colors just as much as they do about the wedding itself! When it comes to selecting your wedding colors - what you choose for the flowers, the table decorations, the invitations, and possibly even the dress - you need to be absolutely certain that everything works well together.

Choosing the Colors

First of all, think about where you are getting married. If you’re in a hotel ballroom with forest green wall hangings that can’t be moved, you probably won’t want to choose a color that clashes, such as bright orange. Once you’ve taken the setting of your wedding into account, think about what color combinations you are naturally drawn to. You can do this by looking up color combinations online, browsing through art pieces that speak to you, or even going through fashion magazines. Once you narrow down your colors to six or seven, it’s time to think about how easy it will be to match the colors!

Matching Colors

Back in the day, couples getting married had to carry around swatches or fabric samples of the colors they wanted in their wedding. Now, it’s easier than ever to find everything you need with our color matching tool: Color Muse. This tool allows you to scan the colors of your dreams for your wedding and match them perfectly with everything you could need, from dresses to table settings. You can ensure that everything is matched to perfection for your special day.

Where to Execute Color

Where you use your color will depend on the overall feel you are trying to create for your wedding. If you are up for something a little less traditional, many brides these days are choosing to incorporate color into their dresses. A sash around a white dress is bold, striking, yet still very bridal. Other places you can incorporate your colors include:

  • Invitations: Your invitations are the first place your guests will see your colors. These little cards will set the tone for your entire wedding, so think about the mood you wish to evoke. If you want a fancy, black-tie affair, make that clear in your invitations. If your wedding will be a more relaxed, country wedding, you can use brighter colors and simpler font to communicate this.
  • Flowers and Decorations: Regardless of your colors, you can probably stay confident that you can find flowers in your chosen colors - but that doesn’t mean that the bloom will be available or affordable at the time of your wedding. Feel free to use neutral color flowers if they are more attainable and within your budget. The same applies for decorations on the tables!
  • Wedding Cake: Many couples still choose a white cake, but incorporating your colors into the cake may make it feel unique to your wedding. This is a prime canvas for color incorporation!
  • Wedding Favors: Of course, it’s always nice to give something meaningful and useful to your guests as a party favor, but it can also be fun to make these gifts tie in with the colors! For example, ordering chocolates with a certain color wrapping to match your wedding will be a nice touch that your guests are sure to notice.

Shop Now

If you want help planning the perfect colors, look no further than Color Muse. Our color matching tool and our color matching app are perfect for your wedding planning needs. They are affordable, and you can always use it to help decorate your new home as a couple once the wedding is done. Shop now for one of your very own!