Inspiration August



Stratford Blue, a wonderful blue shade available from Sherwin-Williams, is our inspiration for August. This is a perfect color to feature near the end of summer, as it is reminiscent of the sky on a cloudless day or of deep Caribbean water. 





Stratford Blue is a color that works great as the main color of a common room or as a striking accent in a lighter colored room. 




If you need a place to start redesigning a room, Stratford Blue plays well with darker colors. In Variable's Color Elements app, you can find great specific pairing suggestions and paint color matching capabilities. Dark browns and dark beiges work for furniture and accent pieces to help give the selected space a gorgeous, earthy tone. 







If you want to bring the outdoors in but keep a clean, contemporary look, Stratford Blue is an ideal starting spot. You can use your COLOR MUSE and the Color Elements app to help build out the rest of your design with paint color matching. Stratford Blue's hex color code is #538897.