Inspiration September



Deep Silver, a versatile color from Benjamin Moore, is our inspiration for September. It is a perfect match for this month as our COLOR MUSE device is released, given how hard it can be to find and replicate the perfect shade of grey. 


Grey is an ideal place to start for designing the feel or mood in any space, as it can be an easy base to build off of. As a primary paint color for a room, it can provide the backdrop for more dramatic colors or set a calming, mellow tone. 





Perhaps the best thing about designing with grey is juxtaposing it with natural light and color. Tall, curtain-less windows in a room painted grey allow the inhabitants’ focus to be drawn outside, adding a unique, scenic element. The outdoors can also be brought in by incorporating a bright greenhouse plant or fresh flowers into the space. 

Because Deep Silver is also a timeless color, it can be used in designing a space for any era. For fans of modern, matching it with white and stainless steel will create the textbook palette for a downtown loft or updated kitchen. 


For those more interested in a look from the past, Deep Silver vibes well with Victorian patterns and dark wood on furniture. Classic lighting fixtures play with the color, causing it to look slightly different as the day goes by. 

Use the COLOR MUSE device for paint color matching that cannot be topped. You can choose decor for your space based on the Deep Silver matches! 


Download the COLOR MUSE App for design ideas. The hex color for Deep Silver is #8c9195.