Interior Designers: Fun items to Attract Clients

One way to ensure your clients don’t forget about you the moment you leave their presence or to interest potential new clients is to give them some sort of gift. These items should be fun, unique and clever enough to merit their continued attention. In other words, what you give them to remember you should stand out as much as your portfolio. Of course, complimentary gifts will never take the place of high-quality service. Your actual service/product is the most important way to ensure return customers. However, giving a gift to your loyal clients or potential clients is simply a way to keep your company in your client’s minds, even months after contact. It is a way to say “thank you” to your current customers for their business or “thank you” to a potential customer for their time.

Everyone wants to be appreciated, and we all are busy, so making a special effort to give a gift of thanks for a person’s time/business can go a long way in today’s me-first society. Thankfully, you don’t have to waste precious creative design ideas coming up with such items since the following are some great ideas you are free to use in order to attract clients and keep them interested in your design abilities:

Fun Items You Should Give Potential or Even Current Clients to Keep You/Your Company On Their Mind:

  • Coffee Mugs/Coffee Maker: How much you spend on your clients will, of course, greatly depend on your budget. If you are able, sending a big potential client a coffee maker along with personalized coffee mugs is a great idea. If you can send them a high-quality coffee maker, this will keep your company on your client’s mind each and every day. However, if you are talking about gifts you can give in the thousands, coffee mugs work well. If you want to be different, go with a tumbler with a lid instead of a traditional mug, something like a Yeti cup. You can get these personalized with your company logo as well.
  • Color Muse Matching: Giving the COLOR MUSE color matching tool as a way to show appreciation to your clients is a great idea. To use this product, you scan in a color of something you want to duplicate or match. This scan will show a true color that you can then match to paint brands or even retail items like furniture, flooring or clothing. This takes away the common problem of trying to buy something at a store to match something at home. It’s really difficult to remember an exact color when it’s not right in front of you. This tool allows you to bring along any color you desire in order to find a perfect match. This color matching tool is also customizable when you order in bulk, so you can ensure your clients think of you when using this fun, cool tool.

  • Badge Holders/ Lanyards: Another easy way to keep your company on a potential client’s mind is creating custom lanyards or badge holders. Lanyards are commonly used as a keychain or a way to display a badge. Many professions use them and even those people who don’t “need” them for work like using them for their car keys. This is an easy and inexpensive gift you can have made that will almost certainly be well received.
Other gifts you can give include fruit arrangements or flowers, peanuts or other types of food boxes, along with gifts cards for dining. You should always make sure to include your business card along with any of these items, as well. Remember, your customers/potential customers are people who want to be appreciated. By giving them personalized, fun gifts, you will successfully make them feel appreciated and keep your company on their mind simultaneously.