Selecting Colors for Your Interior

Many people believe that color can help determine your mood. While the psychology of color is something that is regularly studied and understood, we definitely agree that the colors you choose in your home can make a difference when it comes to how you feel in each room. It’s a way to express ourselves and turn our houses into homes we are happy to return to at the end of each day.

Start Small!

Try using an accent wall to test out your color choice in your space. If an accent wall feels too big, opt for a small powder room or bathroom close to the larger space you want to change. You can test the color and see how it ties in with the rest of the home. You can also choose your color starting from something small, such as a favorite dish towel or throw pillow. When you use our paint color matching tool, the Color Muse, you can be sure that whatever color you want to match, we can find it.

Know What Mood You Want to Evoke

If you want your kitchen to be energizing and cheerful, consider using bright, bold colors, such as red, orange, or yellow. These colors liven up any room and add a vibrancy that may have been lacking before. Other areas, such as the dining room or your bedroom, might be better suited for a relaxed color scheme. For these areas, lean more towards deep blues and greens, as well as neutrals. If you have children, keep in mind that bright colors can be overstimulating at times - help them wind down from the day with more soothing colors that will prevent them from getting stressed.

Pay Attention to the Room’s Lights

The type of lights you have in your home can actually determine how the paint looks once it’s on your walls. For example, rooms with natural daylight will show the true color you chose without much change. However, incandescent lighting is much more likely to bring out yellow and orange tones, while fluorescent lights will add more blue to your chosen color. Keep in mind how your room is lit and choose your color based on that.

Test the Waters

Don’t be afraid to buy a small amount of a potential color and test it out on a poster board in the room or a large area of the wall. This way, you can visualize exactly how it will look when you commit to painting the entire space. You can also ensure that our paint matching tool worked perfectly with the other decor in your home!

Shop Now

If you are ready to see what Color Muse can do when it comes to choosing new paint colors for your home, be sure to buy yours today! Our color matching app can not only help you select a new color, but it can also direct you towards decor and complementing accessories to bring any room in your home to life. Shop now!