The Hottest Paint Colors for 2017

Our paint matching tool is used every day to find the perfect shade for someone's home. Maybe they are trying to find the right shade of blue for their guest room or a sunny yellow for their kitchen. Whatever it is, our paint matching tool works on magazine pages, print outs, and even your neighbor's wall to help you match the paint color and discover who carries it and where you can get it. Inspiration can be found everywhere, but if you are struggling to find the right colors, we can help. If you are looking for the best colors to use in your home this year, check out these trending paint colors for 2017!

What Colors Are Hot (and Cool!) In the Coming Year

Purple Grays

Shades of gray that have subtle hints of purple in them is one of the coolest colors you can have on your wall this year. Grays have been dominating color pallets in clothing and home décor for several years now and they don't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Use these purple gray tones in your bedroom or living room to create a serene, spa-like setting. It's a neutral color that can work with a variety of complementary colors. Looking for a pop of contrast? Try bright yellow or a bright teal.

Spring Greens

In a striking contrast to our first color, spring greens is a close second in the paint popularity contest this year. This light, fresh and slightly yellowish green is a bold paint color choice that someone feels fresh and classic all at the same time. You'll find plenty of different hues that fall into the spring green category and they are all gorgeous. If this color is a bit too bold for you to jump into, start with an accent wall. If you are feeling fearless, go floor to ceiling with this color. It's great for kitchens and dining rooms!

Soft Pinks

Pink isn't just for little girls (or even big girls!) anymore. Soft pink, or blush, is a shade that's grown in popularity and is commanding the home décor scene right now. You'll find everything from whites with the barest hint of pink to something more bold. Don't let the classic femininity of this color scare you off; it can add a fresh touch to an overly masculine room or warm up a space that's lacking in color. It can also work in virtually every room of your home, so if you are looking for a good all-around color, this might be it.

Color Muse Helps You Find the Perfect Paint

If you've found the perfect paint shade somewhere other than the paint section of your home improvement store, fear not. Color Muse can help you find the right shade for your home. Simply order your paint matching tool from our online store and use it to match a color you find in a magazine, pull from a favorite home décor piece, or even from a bouquet of flowers or a dress. Color Muse will use the app on your smartphone or tablet to find the paint color to match. Place an order with us today and start finding your perfect paint colors!