Top colors for winter design

One of the most enjoyable parts of being an interior designer, professional or amateur, is putting your own spin to the color scheme of your home. In the winter months, you have more freedom than ever – the outside world gives up its natural spectrum and defers to you, waiting to see if you have the talent to match it with your eye for interior coloration.

You can give your interior design a warm feeling so that it's easy to cozy up from the outside world or move with the season's colors and accentuate a winter wonderland. Depending on your thematic preference, you may be able to use the vetted tips below in order to create your desired template even more thoroughly. Be sure that you match everything perfectly with our color matching tool: COLOR MUSE!

Winter Warmth

If you are going for a real spark in your more public facing rooms, tangerine is a great color to spice up an accent wall as an accouterment to more subtle blues and greens that lay over a neutral background. This is a great look for a more modern decor that really needs some punch if its more avant-garde elements are to be justified.

For a slightly less pronounced look that still adds spice to a neutral background, mustard yellow is a great choice. You can utilize this warm color a bit more than a hot red, invoking it in places such as your sofa throw pillows and prominent artwork to brighten up any room.

If you really want to bring an element of coziness to a bedroom or bathroom, a dark hue such as cranberry across the board is an excellent choice. It will remind you of spring and summer while not necessarily contrasting with the winter hues that you see when you open your window. If cranberry is a bit too dark for your tastes, go for a grape purple.

A Cool Christmas?

A traditional choice for a cooler room is gold. Gold is a base color that can be used quite frequently throughout a design space, and the more that you use it, the more that the room opens up. You can also leave the blinds completely open so the outside grays and whites can help to expand the atmosphere even more.

You can also keep a room cool without becoming overbearing with a few metallic accent pieces around the room. This is a great strategy for a modern decor, but it also works in traditional interior design as well if you are working with marble or brick as your base element. If you are using this strategy, keep it light. A little bit of metal tends to go a long way.

The cool blue known as celadon is another great way to keep the room cool in the winter months, matching the colors and themes of rest that the season tends to invoke. Celadon is such a light color that it can be used on entire walls, not just in corners or on accent pieces.

If you want to stick with the timeless black, white and gray neutrals for your interior decor, feel free. These are not trends that will ever go out of style, and as long as you have the right elements in the room, you will always come out looking great. However, you may also want to consider the slightly warmer camel as an alternative. If you have accent blues or greens around the room, camel may help to bring the entire look together without the need for extra clutter in the space.

For help matching the perfect colors and creating the ideal winter palette, be sure to check out our color matching tool, COLOR MUSE. Order yours today!