Tying fall themes into your design projects

Fall is here, and the season is ushering in some seriously stylish trends that will add fresh and timeless design to your home. Use a color matching tool to help you pick the perfect new palette this season. Ready to find out about the top fall themes that will be perfect for tying into your designs? Pick and choose your favorites below -- or try them all out for a splendid style that is unbeatable. 

It's all in the details

One really exciting trend for this fall is implementing details in rooms that you normally wouldn't expect to find that much precision. The bathroom is a good example of a perfect place to experiment. Go bold with some bright colors or add some head-turning art to give this often-boring room some real pizzazz. 

Add contrast

Just because your home's exterior is modern or traditional or whatever -- insert your architectural style here! -- doesn't mean its interior has to reflect that same theme as well. By using a fall design concept that involves blending contrasting looks that incorporate those elements that already exist within your home, you'll infuse it with freshness, style, and plenty of flair. 

Choose blue

Blue is the color for fall this year, so take the opportunity to embrace it fully. The shade doesn't really matter either. Indigo, navy, sky, robin's egg, ocean -- they're all coveted for their very blueness this season. In addition to adding a timeless dimension and depth to your home, using blue provides a definitive anchor to your entire design. 

Integrate details

Gone are the showy appliances that demanded your attention as you enter the room. For the fall, the trend is leaning more toward the ability of your fixtures and appliances to blend in with their surroundings. This provides a seamless and finished look that signals completion. 

Textures, textures everywhere

It's easy to create warmth that also has plenty of depth as well. Simply gather up many different textures and put them together so they invite people to luxuriate in them. Using a variety of textures adds an edginess that makes the room lively and exciting even as it encourages you to be enveloped in its coziness. 

Take advantage of fall's florals and foliage

While orange is a staple fall color thanks to all things pumpkin during this time of the year, you don't have to stick with just that bit of nature. Making a festive fall palette with seasonal herbs, flowers, and greens can give your home a vibrant shot of color. As a bonus, your home will become infused with the delicious -- yet subtle -- scent of fresh cut foliage.

Consider adding a fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces are falling out of favor for a number of reasons, but this doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the warmth and ambiance that such an addition brings to your home. The soothing aroma and crackling sounds of a fire help you relax and unwind after a long day. This is one accessory that brings warmth to your home -- regardless of how chilly it gets outside. 

Put your mantle to good use

Take advantage of the prime space that is afforded to you by your fireplace mantel. At eye level and spanning a generous allotment of space, your mantle invites you to experiment with layers of art. Use this space to create a mini art gallery of your favorite works and change them out on a whim. Add in some of your most memorable objects for a truly personalized space.

Which of the above fall design themes are you excited to try out? Do any of them spark different ideas that you can then layer together to create a unique look? Tie your look together with the color matching tool everyone is buzzing about: COLOR MUSE! Shop for yours today, and let us know how much you love it!