Scan. Match. Inspire.

Color Muse® is the virtual fan deck that makes the world your canvas.


For painters, contractors, and other color professionals, Color Muse® is the digital resource that revolutionizes how the world interacts with color. Paired with a free mobile app for iOS and Android, Color Muse® delivers a streamlined experience for matching any color to countless products like paint, textiles, flooring, and home décor. Simply scan the color of any surface, match the color to products, and create palettes to share via email, social media, and text messages.

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Your smartphone can't do this.


Smartphone screens don’t always accurately convey color because display quality varies between devices. Color Muse accurately captures color using its own LED light source, and a tri-stimulus XYZ sensor to ensure the closest color match.


A compact, powerful tool.


We understand many of our customers do most of their work on the go and in the field, whether visiting clients or spending time on job sites. That’s why Color Muse is designed to fit in your pocket or bag, and is equipped with a sturdy aluminum body. It also has a 5,000 scan battery life, and is rechargeable by micro USB.

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Color Muse SE


Tech Specs




• 90% + match on fan decks

• <1 ∆E average on 2,000 colors

• <0.25 ∆E average inter-instrument agreement




• 4mm diameter area

• 45/0 measuring optics




• Tri-stimulus XYZ sensor

• Full spectrum white LEDs

• Patented and patent pending color algorithms


Color Formats


• CIE Lab


• sRGB


• and more


Compatible Devices


• iPhone 4S or newer

• iPad 3rd generation or newer

• Android 5.0 or newer

• Support for Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth Smart)


Battery Life


• 280 mAh lithium-polymer

• Over 5,000 scans

• 3 months standby time

• Micro USB charging


Weight and Size


• 1.08 inch / 27.5mm diameter

• 2.17 inch / 55mm height

• 1 oz / 29 g weight