About Us

COLOR MUSE is a product by Variable, Inc., an industry leader in color hardware technology, color mobile app development, digital color referencing and color library management across multiple industries throughout the world. 

COLOR MUSE is a breakthrough product following years of development and product evolution by Variable, Inc. It all started in 2012 when Dr. George Yu and his team at Variable created the Chroma color sensor module for Variable's NODE sensor platform. A successful Kickstarter campaign allowed Variable to start the journey to make color match technology affordable to everyone.

In 2013, Variable released Chroma 1 delivering on our promise to the Kickstarter backers. Chroma 1 won many praises despite some shortcomings in accuracy and production challenges. We learned a tremendous amount of knowledge about how to manufacture consistent color sensing devices.

In 2014, Variable released Chroma 2, a much more accurate and consistent color sensor. It was adopted by a number of enterprises for industrial use. Chroma 2 won several awards and was recognized by many media outlets. Although loved by our consumer customers, our professional customers gave us a large amount of feedback on performance deficiencies. This feedback led us back to the drawing board on both design and science to create a professional grade color sensor.

In 2015, we released ChromaPro, the highest quality color matching tool we have ever made. It was thoroughly tested and accepted by many industrial companies. ChromaPro combined several core technological leaps in LED lighting, optical sensors, and machine learning algorithms. Coupled with our in-house software development team, this amazing hardware works with the best color-matching app on the market. However, despite ChromaPro's superb performance, it was not affordable at $399. This gave the Variable team the impossible task of creating a ChromaPro quality device that can be priced at $49. The brilliant team at Variable was able to accomplish this by capitalizing on another breakthrough leap in optical sensing technology.

The result is something we at Variable are truly proud of, COLOR MUSE. Now professionals and consumers alike can match the color of any item at an affordable price.