Are User Guides available?

Yes, we have user guides. See the below links:



Why does the color I scanned looks different than what’s on the screen?

Screen resolution varies from device to device. The color scanned and the represented product results are accurate based on our scanning algorithm even though visual representation on the screen may seem “off.” 

My device seems to have frozen

Try performing a hard reset. To do this, hold the wake button down for 10 seconds and then release. Then press/release it and connect again through the app.

Having trouble connecting to your Android device?

Try this sequence of steps:

1.  Completely Close color muse app
2. Turn off android Bluetooth
3. Hold color muse button for 15 seconds
4. Try connecting in color muse app again

Can't I just use my phone's camera?

The challenge with phone cameras is they don't account for shadows, bright lights or direct sunlight. The color muse has it's own controlled light source and can read the color you're scanning accurately. For additional information see http://bit.ly/1O5STTc.

Can I use the device to select my paint touch up color?

Due to the variables in the measurement, paint color swatch reproduction, and paint mixing it is challenging to get an absolute perfect touch up match. The match will be close but may not be invisible. We recommend testing this on a hidden section of your wall. Painting the entire wall will gain you optimal results.

How long will the color muse battery last?

Depending on your amount of use, the color muse battery will last over 5,000 scans  without needing a charge. To fully charge, plug in color muse for about 45 minutes with any micro USB cable.

How do I charge my color muse?

Use any micro USB cable to charge your color muse device.

I having trouble connecting to my smart device

Follow these simple troubleshooting steps:

  1. Reset color muse by holding the wake button down for 15 seconds

  2. Turn off bluetooth on your smart device

  3. Turn on bluetooth on your smart device

  4. Turn on color muse

  5. Launch the color muse app and select "Scan" to pair the device

  6. Enjoy!

If you're still having issues, contact customerservice@variableinc.com

Scanning colors

When scanning place the device flat against a clean surface or color sample and trigger the scan from your smart device. 

Device calibration

Calibration will be prompted at every device/app connection, and can be manually triggered from the Manage Device screen in the app. Calibrate prior to each scan for the highest degree of accuracy. After calibration is complete, remove the end cap, place it on the back of your device, and then you're ready to scan.

Protective calibration cap

When not using your color device, keep the calibration cap attached to the device for lens protection. 

Bluetooth connection

COLOR MUSE hardware requires the usage of Bluetooth, Android requires that you give our app permission to know your general and specific location.

Can I import my scans into Adobe products?

Yes! When you create palettes in the app you have ability to share them via email, text message, social media, etc. In doing so, this creates a unique URL that allows anyone to view your palette. At the bottom of that URL you'll see "Download ASE (Adobe Swatch Exchange)." Once you download this you'll be able to import into Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. As you do this too, it'll not only give you those color details from your palette, but also give you the hex number. 

Here's an example: https://inspire.variableinc.com/p/S1mlxvhc