Our Designer


"I recently took color muse with me to Guadalupe Valley to collect the
colors in the vineyards!"

What types of projects do you typically work on?

Color is my forte, and having studied with Frank Manhke on color in enviromental architecture & Leatrice Eisemen of Pantone, I help clients choose the right hue for their walls or company branding, but also forecast the perfect color to target buyers and the products they sell. Whether it's residential wall colors with accent hues or the exterior palette for entire commercial complex, I am constantly using color to represent a person, their personality or a brand.


How are you using the color muse system?

The painting teams I work with just love when we get on a job and can’t identify a paint. With color muse, we just scan the wall and bingo – hours of guessing gone. For me, scanning fabrics to wallpapers or inspirational real- life colors help me to keep all those items safely in my saved palettes.


What inspiration items have you measured?

I once scanned a client's pants she had on during a meeting. She loved the color so much she wanted it to become the accent color in her living room. I even take it on vacation to scan hues I fall in love with – I recently took color muse with me to Guadalupe Valleyto capture the colors in the vineyards!


How is the system helping you streamline color selection?

It takes away the guessing or having to deal with thecumbersome fan decks for 25+ manufacturers I deal with everyday. It's a new way I can talk to my rendering specailist, my clients & vendors without having to send physical chips over. The easy-to-manage notes help to keep it all organized!


Any client reactions?

Everytime I have pulled out the device they squeal in glee! There is something out there to scan a color that is always right. Mostly they are estastic that I can match what they want and need within seconds and make the design process even easier for them.


Final comments?

Variable has created a solution for us in the painting or design industry by having a mode of interpretation that can be trusted and save hours of time. I highly recommend color muse for any individual or company with the necessity of color matching. And that’s coming from a color expert.

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