Practical Uses


The COLOR MUSE color matching tool is perfect for both the everyday consumer and businesses alike! We’ve compiled some of the most practical uses so you can see for yourself how our COLOR MUSE tool can help you discover and create color in your world.

Interior Design

Whether you are a professional interior designer or someone just looking to add new life to your home, our color matching tool is exactly what you need. Not only can you perfectly match the color of your walls to the color of your furniture, but you can also create a palette for the room within our own app. All you need is a place to put all the incredible products you’ll be able to find through the app.


With this tool, paint color matching has never been easier. You can start with a favorite couch and find the ideal, exact match, or you can hunt for a complementary color to transform the room. We also have our app connected to retailers that carry the exact shade of paint you need, including Lowe’s, Home Depot, HBF Textiles, and many more. This is also the perfect tool for the professional painter, as well as for the DIY painter trying to make some changes in their home.

Matching Clothing

Looking for the best color matches for clothing? Whether you need an accessory, shoes, or a top to match any of the above, we are certain that COLOR MUSE can help. You can find the exact match through our connections with:

  • Adidas
  • Banana Republic
  • Gucci
  • DSW
  • Old Navy
  • And more!

There’s no need to slip that shirt you need to match in your bag and haul it to the store to hold up to a potential pair of shoes. With COLOR MUSE, you can find all the matching products online and purchase them there.

Create Palettes

For those of you looking to create a new collection of colors to change the look for your space, you can create palettes through our app. Any color you test, you can save to your palette. That way, you can make sure that every color combination you create is exactly what you want in the long run.

Shop Now!

If you are ready to use COLOR MUSE to simplify your life, be sure to order yours now! Our color matching tool and app are everything you need to find the perfect match. Make life easier and more colorful today.